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                     Special Events

         June  - August 2024


Saturday       8         Horseshoe Crab Program

                                7 pm- Learn about Horseshoe Crabs and watch them come ashore to lay their eggs while                                               reveling in the beauty of the evening on a June beach.   Suggested donation $2 per person.

                                 Tower open until 8 pm. at regular fees.


Saturday       8         Lightkeepers Behind the scenes Tour

                                 9 am – Follow one of our present day Lighthouse Keepers on his rounds.  This bottom to top                                       tour takes you from the auxiliary generator and the Light Keepers workshop in the basement of                                   the Keeper’s Quarters to the beacon in the lantern room of the lighthouse tower. Learn how                                          Lighthouse Keepers in the 1860’s to 2024 maintained the light.  Includes a tour of the Lens                                            Building, which houses our original first order Fresnel Lens, and the Boat House.  Tour takes                                         approximately 2 ½ hours.  $15 for FILPS Members/$20 for non-members – Reservations                                                 required.    Limit 10 people.


Friday           5          Crafts for children

                                 11am - 3pm- On the terrace


Friday          12        Seining in the Great South Bay

                                10am - noon



Friday            2       Crafts for Children

                               11am - 3pm - On the terrace


Wednesday  7        National Lighthouse Day

                                Craft for kids- Make a Lighthouse.  Free

Friday           16      Crafts for children

                                11am - 3pm- On the terrace

Saturday & 17-18  Amateur Radio Lighthouse Weekend

Sunday                   The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club set up their radios to communicate with other radio                                      operators around the world.


Friday          23      Crafts for children

                              11am - 3pm- On the terrace


Friday         30       Crafts for children

                              11am - 3pm- On the terrace

Call 631-583-5901 for reservations





Lighthouse Tower, Museum, Gift Shop and

Lens Building are OPEN!

Footwear Required

Museum is open daily 10 am - 5 pm

Tower and Lens Bldg. open daily 10 am - 4:30 pm


You can now shop our gift shop from the comfort of your home! Head over to our gift shop page to get some Fire Island Lighthouse products and help support the preservation society. Click here to check it out

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